December 28, 2010

I love this little lady!!

Everything I crochet, I always make it and give it away... even when I love it! So for the very first time I made something... loved it, and actually kept it for myself. I get so many compliments on it... I think I may make a few and try to sell them...ok... Now on to the pictures!!!...

It's a simple clutch with a big rose... I love it!!! I just modified my wristlet pattern ( click here to revisit) and came up with this design
I love it!!!

I also made this scarf and decided to keep for myself

Living in Florida we don't need too much of a heavy or bulky scarf (although it was in the 20s last night!!!), so I thought this was a nice alternative


Mrs. KIR said...

Amazing!! You are so awesomely talented! i just printed out many of your patterns and plan on crocheting my heart away today!!
Thank you!

Beth said...

What a great looking bag! The oversize rose in black is wonderful.

I also must tell you that my nephews LOVED their book bags, from your pattern. My oldest nephew (eight) put his on and wore it all day :-) Thanks for the great pattern, and have a blessed New Year.


Brittany said...

Mrs KIR, Thank u so much, and I'd love for u to email me photos of your finished work!
Beth, Thanks!! The rose is my favorite part as well. And I'm so glad they enjoyed their bags! When I first made mine for my son, he kept it on all day as well!!

Happy New Years to the both of you!!!

Brittany said...
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Brooke Higgins said...

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Maya Alexander said...

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