December 14, 2012

Last Minute Gift Idea: Quick & Easy Scarf *pattern*

Christmas will be here before you know it and if you're like me, there's always those last few people that come to mind at the last minute and you have no gift for them!! I plan on doing a little series of last minute gift ideas you can crochet within 2-3 days... who doesn't love a homemade gift??!!

This scarf will be long enough to double up or long enough to be a gift for any tall person or a guy!

Simple Scarf
Pattern by Brittany for CreativeMe!

6.5mm hook

ch 180
DC in the 3rd ch from hook and continue to dc across
ch 3 and DC across & repeat for 9 more rows
weave in the ends when you're done

You can make it as long or thick as you like... incorporate stripes or different colors and make it extra special for your loved one!!


Allycia said...

I was wondering where everything went! Glad you got everything taken care of. One quick question: Do you mind if people sell items made from your patterns?

Brittany said...

One day I logged on and all my pictures were gone! But no I don't mind... everything is listed in my policy section at the top :)

Paul Schaefer said...

This is a wonderful scarf and I thank you for sharing!

harada57 said...