August 28, 2010

Double Headband w/ Flower *pattern*

I'm trying a different type of headband this time around...Its really simple and will take about 10 mins tops...Hope u all enjoy!
For my latest headband click here

I used a I/9 hook for the actual headband and a G hook for the flower
Created by Brittany for CreativeMe

Ch 85
start to sc in 2nd ch from hook (sc 16)
once at the 16th sc, start to ch 53 (not sc)
connect back to the original chain and continue to sc to the end. (It should be 16 single crochets on both sides)
                   **I know that may be a little confusing, but the ends should look like this...**


ch 6. Join with sl st to first ch to make a ring
ch 1, 2 sc in the ring. *ch 4, 3 sc in the ring* 5 times. ch 4, 1 sc in the ring. join with sl st to first sc
sl st in next sc and next ch 4 loop. *1 sc, 1 hdc, 4 dc, 1 hdc, 1sc* in ch 4 loop. Miss the next sc. Sl st i nthe next sc. repeat from * 4 times more and fasten off

*You may sell what you make, but you may not sell my pattern*

I'd love to see your finished work, so please feel free to email me pictures so I can feature your work on my blog!

Hope U Enjoy & Happy Crocheting!!



Beth said...

Sweet and simple...the perfect gift :-)



Brittany said...

I thought so too! I'm glad u enjoy, I'll be posting more variations of this same headband soon.

Amyschmamey said...

I found your blog thorugh a crochet pattern website. I love a lot of your patterns. I am probably going to make a few for a giveaway on my blog if that is ok with you. :)

Brittany said...

Sure, it's fine! Just as long as you mention me or include a link to my blog! Thanks for letting me know

peggy pearson said...

I love your patterns as a grandmother of 7 girls and more nieces and great grand nieces that always want things thank you ...Also Iwold like to make some for my granddaughter who is in the Army in Iraq and post it for others to copy if its alright...

Peggy Pearson

Brittany said...

I don't mind you posting for others to copy, all I ask is that you have a link to my blog and mention where you got the pattern from. and I'd also like to see where you're posting, so could you send me a link of where you'll be posting the pattern? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi - do you sew this headband together in the back or use lace like with your other head bands?
Schefferville, QC

Brittany said...

You can use ribbon like I did in my other headbands, but with this particular one, I just used the ends to tie together around my head

Nancy said...

Could you tell me how to make one smaller for my little step sisters? It would be greatly appreciated

JessieMomma said...

My niece loves hair bands, can you please tell me what type of yarn you use? And does it have stretch? Thanks so much for the patterns!

Brittany said...

I've made this head band with different types of yarn, worsted, acrylic, cotton...any type will do. It doesnt really need to stretch since it ties at the nape, making it adjustable to fit all size heads

snaphappee said...

I just made one of these, but I added beads as I crocheted. I love it! I would like to post my headband on my own blog with a link here so others can make their own. You can see my blog at

allison said...

hi brittany! thanks for all your awesome tutorials! i was wondering how this flower is attached to the headband? thanks!

Tara said...

I love this pattern! I just have a quick question. How do you connect the two ends of the headband together?

Brittany said...

Thanks so much! The headband ties at the nape...its not connected together at all. Hope that helps!