August 14, 2011

Bows! *Pattern*

Any long time followers of my blog know that I absolutely LOVE bows! They go with and can be put on everything (well, at least I think they can!). I put them on bags, clips for my hair, bow tiesheadbands...just about anything that you can come up with.
 Here's my newest bow creation, some of the can be seen in my previous post.

This pattern is going to be for the large grey bow...

I/9 5.5 hook (smaller hook can be used for a smaller bow)
ch 23
hdc in 3rd ch from hook
at the end of the row, ch 3 and turn
hdc for 10 rows
You will be left with a piece that looks like this: 
center of bow:
ch 8
hdc in 3rd ch from hook
The center of the bow should look like this:

Pinch the center of the bow and tie the center piece around it

Use the 2 loose pieces of yarn to secure the center of the bow. Use your hook to pull the 2 loose pieces through

Tie in a knot and weave in all the extra pieces and you're done!

This particular bow I'd attach to a head band, but be creative and use it however you'd like! Decrease the amount of chains in the beginning to make the smaller if you'd like. Here are some ways that I've used my bows in the past...