January 30, 2010

Crochet Purse *Pattern*

I've always loved these types of bags, I call them circle bags, but here's my version with a sewn on lining.

Crochet Purse Pattern
Created by Brittany by Creative Me
~For personal use only, you may sell what you make, but not the pattern~

Hook I (5.5mm)        


MC-magic circle
rnd(s)- round(s)
sc- single crochet
sp- space
trc- triple or treble crochet

**This bag is made in pieces, so be prepared to sew parts together when you're done**

Circles of bags (make 2)
 **work in rounds & use a marker so you'll know where the beginning of the circle starts**
MC 8
rnd 1- 2 sc in ea sp around (16)
rnd 2- *1 sc in nxt 2 sp, 2 sc in nxt sp* (22)
rnd 3- *1 sc in nxt sp, 2 sc in nxt sp* (27)
rnd 4-7-keep working in rounds ( increasing by 1 after every round. ex: you should do 1 sc in nxt 4 sp in rnd 4; 1 sc in nxt 5 sp  in round 5 and so on)-
rnd 8- 1 sc around
rnd 9- *1 sc in nxt 9 sp, 2 sc in nxt sp* sl st in last sp and finish off

Body of Bag
ch 45
rnd 1- hdc in 3rd ch from hook
at the end of each row, ch 2 and hdc across        
continue to rnd 42

Straps (make 2)
ch 76
rnd 1- trc in 4th ch from hook
rnd 2- ch 2, hdc across
rnd 3- ch 3, trc across and finish off

**If you want to sew on a lining, do it before sewing parts of the bag together**

Make sure the body of the bag fits around the circleon 1 end, take the circle and sew the body of the bag to it, do the same for the other end and 2nd cirlce.
Sew the straps on any way you'd like, just make sure they're even and the same height on both sides

Hope U Enjoy! I'd love to see your finished work, so please feel free to email me pictures so I can feature your work on my blog!


The Art of Zen.......Crochet said...

This is too cute, thank you for sharing. :)

Brittany said...

thanks for admiring :-)

spiritwoman908 said...

Your purse creation is off the hook
Keep letting God Bless You the way that He's doing... Keep Creating You Go Gurl!!!

Brittany said...

lol, why thank u very much!